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My mother, Mary McCasland Gordon

My mother, Mary McCasland Gordon

A few months ago my dad handed down to me my mother’s recipe box. I carried it home and stuffed it away for a few months but I kept coming across it thinking, this holds so much of my mother’s life in it I have to do something with it. And so, the idea was born to compile a book of recipes and memories written about my mother and yours.

Maybe you are like me, I learned a lot in my mother’s kitchen, that is were I stood on a step stool and stirred my first batch of cookies, where I got my ears pierced, and where my mother imparted to me important life lessons like, “never paint your kitchen yellow”. When we cook, set a table, and serve a meal, a lot is revealed about who we are, who we always wanted to be, and what made us who we are today.

I invite you to share a recipe and more importantly a memory of your mother, grandmother or other special person who greatly influenced your life. May all that they taught us be remembered and passed down for generations to come.


My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in April of 2001. She passed away June 9, 2010 in her home with my father holding her hand. This book is not about her disease, but, about her life. I have fond memories of her and many of them revolve around the kitchen and all I learned there.

Because of my desire to honor my mother and the life that she lived, I have began working on this book in which a portion of the proceeds from each book will help fund Alzheimer’s research and support programs. The success of this book is dependent upon women and men across this country and the world to contribute their favorite recipes, memories, and lessons they have learned in the kitchen.

Below is a montage of my mother that we played at her funeral.